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Arise Healing Community

A private support community and healing program
for Christian women recovering from  
covert emotional and psychological  spousal abuse
and spiritual abuse

through Tuesday, Feb. 7, midnight, Pacific USA

Are you wondering if you can ever heal from the
emotional and psychological spousal abuse
that’s devastated your soul, your heart, and your life?

Are you wondering if you’ll ever trust yourself again?

Are you divorced

but wondering if you’ll ever fully heal, feel alive again,
and be at peace?

Are you separated

yet fighting despair and fear,
and wondering if your
broken heart will ever heal?

Are you married

and exhausted from the
relationship and confusion
consuming your thoughts?

There is hope

If you’re struggling with anxiety, fear, depression, brain fog, self-doubt, loneliness, PTSD, and
are even having a hard time getting off the couch

If you feel like you don’t even know who you are anymore

If you no longer feel close to the Lord and have a hard time trusting Him

If you've come a long way but just feel like there must be more healing for you.

You really can get off this emotional roller coaster.
You really can find yourself again.
You really can heal.

I’ve been helping abused women of faith
for over 10 years.
If we could sit down for tea right now,
here’s what I’d say to you:

I believe you and I believe in you.
I believe in your goodness, strength, courage,
kindness, and integrity.
I believe in your ability to love others, God, and yourself,
even if you don’t feel like you can.

I know you’ve done your very best in an impossible situation, and I know God sees you, understands, and loves you deeply.

You aren’t at fault for the abuse or what it has done to you.
You aren’t the problem and
you don’t need to be afraid of yourself.

You’ve been deeply affected by the
brainwashing, blame, guilt,
self-doubt, confusion, and trauma that comes from abuse.

But you can find yourself again.
And you can discover how to trust God again.
You can heal.

You can make it– you just need the right tools. And if you use these tools, the journey will be easier and faster.

You’ll love the woman you’ll become
(she’s in there somewhere, no matter how empty you feel!)
It’s so worth the work to become the you
God created you to be.

The first step to healing is understanding
 why you're feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

There's a reason why you're stuck (it may not be what you think)
And there is a solution

88% of abused women experience ongoing trauma symptoms (fight, flight, freeze or fawn) 
and a dysregulated nervous system even after they are out of the abuse.

Even if you don't think you have trauma, keep reading.

Trauma affects our bodies in such a way that
we are easily overwhelmed by emotions and reactions we can’t control
because they are originating in our over-reactive nervous system,
not in our thoughts.

Trauma breaks our connection to our body, heart, and mind, to others, and to God.

It’s like being on a runaway train.

When we know how to slow down the train, 
we gain control over our thoughts and feelings once again,
and we can more easily heal them.

You’re probably blaming yourself for not doing better and not being able to “get it together.”
But in reality, you’re getting hijacked  by your body and
that doesn’t make you a weak or bad person.

It's not your fault!
And there is something you can do about it.

Trauma research over the last few decades has shown that coping with and healing from the trauma of abuse
needs a different approach than just talking about what happened and renewing our mind.

Thankfully, highly effective tools have been developed for trauma healing but
these tools are rarely talked about by doctors, or even counselors and coaches.

In Arise you will discover these amazing tools so your suffering and pain can stop!

When you discover the right path to heal how the trauma of your marriage has affected you,
you'll be able to manage your overwhelming feelings and
find self-compassion and emotional stability again.

Remember the last time you were triggered and you couldn’t think straight,
your hands were shaking, your heart was thumping, and you shut down?

Imagine if you had concrete tools to
calm that triggered feeling and quiet yourself down.

Instead of being panicked or numb for hours,
you feel a sense of control over your reactions.

And imagine if you also had the tools to walk in clarity and confidence,
make good decisions,
and rise up to live in inner freedom while
resting in the beautiful woman God created you to be.

Hope is here in the 
Arise Healing Community:

A gentle, guided healing journey taking you step by step into clarity, growth, strength, confidence, 
and freedom

A loving community where you 
will find healing for your 
heart, mind, body, and spirit

A safe haven to go from being a
struggling survivor to an
empowered, arising, thriving survivor.

Wondering how healing is possible?

Watch this quick video!

Open for new sisters through Tuesday, Feb. 7, midnight, Pacific USA

"Through Arise I came to realize I was living in a state of constant stress,
continually being triggered and always on guard.
I now understand how to use the tools to lower stress, to improve sleep,
to improve my health, to be empowered to believe in myself and,
with God's help, to move forward in healing."
~ Arise Sister

I wanted to pour my energy into recovering rather than surviving. I’m determined to recover and have that abundant life that God promises. Arise has been the most beneficial thing that I have done. I’m actually sad for every woman in the Confusion to Clarity FB group that is not doing the Arise work. I wish they knew how much it helps.
~ Arise Sister


open NOW Through Tuesday, Feb. 7
midnight Pacific, USA

What's Inside Arise?


24 core teachings that you can take at your own pace. These offer you a guided healing journey to strengthen and heal your heart, your mind, your spirit, and your trauma-reactive brain and nervous system.


Daily support from other survivors as well as several online gatherings each month for fellowship and worship. Isolation amplifies our suffering and hampers our healing, so let yourself be loved by our amazing community of women who understand the fear of grappling with our life, our feelings, our faith, and our future.


Compassionate, personal one-on-one trauma coaching in a loving group setting to help you get unstuck and move along the healing journey.


Guest experts like Dr. George Simon teach on a new topic each month such as parental alienation, helping your kids through divorce, health issues from abuse, preparing for divorce, finding a skilled therapist and more.

Trauma tools

Over 30 powerful tools for calming
triggers, overwhelming emotions and your nervous system,, changing beliefs, healing spiritual abuse, and reconnecting with God .

Q and A

Monthly live Q and A to bring clarity to your questions about abuse, trauma, parenting, spiritual struggles and your healing journey.

Arise is a monthly, subscription-based healing program.

Join as a monthly member for $33 a month
or as an annual member for $330 for a year
and get 2 months free.

Arise: a gentle, guided healing journey
 taking you step by step into
strength, clarity, growth, and freedom 

Healing for your heart

• healing for grief, self-blame, guilt, self-doubt, shame, and self-criticism
 • discover how to calm your overwhelming emotions
• reconnect with your lost self and live in self-compassion and self-trust
• know if you need to work more deeply with a counselor and exactly what to look for when choosing one.


• sort out truth and lies  
• get free from trauma bonding and cognitive dissonance  
• detach from controlling, toxic people and set boundaries
• know what made you vulnerable to abuse (and how to never go through it again)
• grow in self-leadership, self-advocacy, and self-empowerment, and confidence
• learn gentle parenting and how to help your traumatized kids


• understand exactly how trauma is affecting you
• discover how to manage trauma reactions and triggers
• calm and rewire your reactive brain and nervous system
• develop self-care for your trauma
• discover a variety of concrete tools for reducing and healing trauma and PTSD,
with live coaching to help the tools become easy, go-to resources.


 • recover from spiritual abuse and betrayal
• get free from legalism and spiritual lies used to control you
• know how to deeply trust God again
• join our live, online Fellowship Gatherings for church the way it's meant to be

Hear how some of our Arise Sisters have grown and healed

Let's get started on your healing journey!

Have questions? Scroll down to read the FAQs and/or feel free to email me at

Arise is the best group out there to help you heal from the trauma of emotional abuse.
Other groups focus on the how of getting divorced, but this group focuses on how to heal.
Helena's teaching is extremely sensitive and full of wisdom.
It is a very loving community where everyone is loved and supported right where they are at.
This group has been transformative for me.
J. J., TN

I've been in a different group for Christian women in destructive marriages for 2 1/2 years.
But I have been so stuck in my trauma.
Arise is EXACTLY what I needed. I am six months out of my relationship.
I wish I would have had some trauma-mitigation skills long before that.

Nobody can “treat” a war, or abuse, rape, molestation … what has happened cannot be undone. But what can be dealt with are the imprints of the trauma on body, mind, and soul: the crushing sensations in your chest that you may label as anxiety or depression; the fear of losing control; always being on alert for danger or rejection; the self-loathing; the nightmares and flashbacks; the fog that keeps you from staying on task and from engaging fully in what you are doing; being unable to fully open your heart to another human being.
~ Bessel van der Kolk, author of "The Body Keeps the Score" and leading trauma expert

How can Arise bring you the changes you want in your life?

You'll understand and change not only how the abuse has affected your thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and self-image, but also your reactions and your physiology so you can
heal all of you.

You’ll understand how trauma affects your brain and your healing process, in ways you may not even realize yet, and what to do about it. You’ll understand why thought and belief therapy hasn’t been as effective as you’d hoped.

You’ll discover practical tools for stopping the overwhelming emotions that flood you during and after abuse such as anxiety, doubt, fear, anger, hopelessness, confusion, depression, and torment.

You’ll find freedom from the guilt and shame you feel about yourself and your emotional world being so unstable. You’ll know that you don’t have a character flaw that’s keeping you stuck, and that you can’t “just get over it.”

You’ll focus on the tools you need for healing rather than on more information about abuse. That information is on my website and in my free Facebook Group, but this group is calming and focused on you

You’ll develop the self-compassion and get the encouragement, support,
and hope you need
to do the hard work of healing. You'll be able to make good decisions and be consistent with healing self-care.

You'll understand your wonderful traits that were used against you, and trust in yourself so you can protect yourself from future abuse.

You’ll rediscover the God you once fell in love with and thought you could trust, be set from spiritual abuse and guilt, and be able to rest in Jesus and receive His love.

You’ll be strengthened in your faith and hope to build an intentional and beautiful life for yourself.

Also available in Arise:
Momentum Mentorship Small Group Coaching
 designed to accelerate your healing
You can read more about it when you click on JOIN ARISE

“I've loved Momentum and Helena's honesty, soothing voice, confidence, and amazing knowledge. I've had trouble focusing, so joining Momentum has helped me enter in more fully to the Core teachings & the tools, which I know are the backbone of the program.” ~ Momentum member

Arise has changed my focus.
Before, I lived in this huge self-blaming, confusing mess.
Now I can confront the mess, dissect it, deconstruct it, understand it, and 
detach myself from those parts that are not my responsibility.

I have become more empowered, more self aware, more self-compassionate.
I have stopped listening to my abuser’s voice inside my head, 
a running commentary on what I was doing wrong.
The space left has allowed my own voice to start to break through. I am rediscovering me.

After being shunned by my church, I could no longer turn to Jesus.
Through Helena’s gentle leadership, I am slowly rediscovering Him.

If I ever get upset, panicked or distressed, I use the tools to calm and refocus.
Talking therapy left me depressed and hopeless, Arise is healing on a deep level.

I know now how unique and special I am. That I am worthy and worth the effort to heal and be the person I was meant to be.
I have my feet on firm ground now and I am starting to stand up tall and walk forward in love and confidence.
Juliet R, France

Meet your gentle healing guide

Helena Knowlton

I’ve survived a lifetime of abuse– childhood sexual abuse, being in a  Christian cult for years, and being married to a covert psychological  abuser for 19 years.
I’ve also survived several suicide attempts.

My life is amazing now. I still can hardly believe what it’s like to have the
trauma and chronic PTSD healed so I can be at peace.

I divorced my covertly abusive husband in 2011. Then I started my long journey of healing. I did talk therapy and sought God all day, every day for healing. I came a long way and thought I was as healed as I could get.

Then, in 2013, my body collapsed on me. I spent over a year bedridden and almost died. When I told my naturopath my story, he gave me the missing piece– he suggested that I learn about trauma healing. Because I’m a researcher, I dug deeply into learning about trauma healing with everything in me.

As I understood how the trauma was still affecting me, I began my journey into the healing that changed my life. I finally discovered what it was like to live in true peace when the effects of the trauma from my life were no longer in control.

Since then, trauma healing has become my passion. I’ve done years of research and trained with Bessel van der Kolk. I keep up on the latest research and continually attend trainings with other trauma experts so I can pass that knowledge on to you.

As a trauma-informed, certified coach, I’ve coached many abused women one-on-one but seeing their progress made me want to help more women than I can reach in individual coaching.

I created Arise, a journey of healing for your soul, and peace with your loving God, so you can experience your inner life with compassion, love, and acceptance, and be free from the fear of yourself and your life.

I know you can live in peace with the past, live free in the present,
and have hope for the future.

Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it’s allowing another to take yours. ~ Vera Nazarian

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s only so far you can go in the free group. It’s great for realizing you are being abused and getting support and confirmation. But so many women get stuck in their healing without guided help so I created Arise.

Arise is the only program that is trauma-informed. I've been extensively trained in trauma healing and I bring that expertise to all the teachings, tools, and coaching in Arise. Trauma research shows that changing thoughts and beliefs is not effective for changing emotions based in trauma.

Other groups teach you one cognitive coaching method to change thoughts and beliefs. For everyone and every issue. I teach that one as well as 25 other tools that integrate healing for your nervous system and brain to transform your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and spirit.

As a survivor of trauma myself, I want to empower you to make real changes in your life.

I totally understand that! You get to choose which resources in Arise are most helpful for you- everything is optional.The teachings in Arise are broken into very short videos (with audios and transcripts available) that you can go through at your own pace.

$33 a month, billed monthly (you can cancel at any time) or $330 for a year’s subscription - 2 months free! (non-refundable).

You can pay with a preloaded VISA gift card or see if you can use a friend's or family member's card and pay them back, or better yet, see if they will give you a year's gift-subscription. (Contact me directly for arrangements)

Arise costs a fraction of what you'd pay for therapy or doctor bills to deal with the psychological and physiological effects that abuse has had on you. If you knew that you'd be a more peaceful, calm, self-loving, and hopeful women in a few months, how much would that be worth to you? Is it worth spending $33 to see if Arise is for you?

I understand that many women are financially strapped after divorce. If that's true for you, see if you can find a friend or family member who'd give you a year's gift-subscription. (Contact me directly for arrangements.)

Occasionally we have current Arise sisters who want to sponsor new members who can't afford Arise. Contact me directly to see if there are any sponsorships available.

In Arise you’ll learn tools to help you to sort this out. I understand this confusion- I lived in it for years. The loving community of women will also help and support you and you can always bring your questions to our coaching and Q and A's.

Arise is perfect for you. You are not alone. You’ll discover what's driving the wild swings of emotions and your emotional instability- it may be trauma, it may be the need for boundaries, and it may be both. You‘ll learn how to create a stable internal world by calming the emotional overwhelm and you'll learn what boundaries you need for yourself.

Great! Arise will complement the counseling you're already doing. The teachings will probably give you insights to share with your counselor. In fact we've had members teach the tools to their therapists! But best of all, you’ll have a community of friends to walk the journey with who know exactly what you are going through.

For some women, depending on the complexity of the abuse they’ve suffered, and if they’ve also experienced childhood abuse, individual trauma therapy is needed for complete healing. The tools you’ll learn in Arise will help prepare you for deeper therapy and can make it easier. And you'll learn how to find a skilled trauma therapist.

No problem! You will learn tools to help you whether you want to stay, want to figure out if you should leave, or are ready to leave. Arise will strengthen you in your mind, heart, and spirit.

This is a safe place, so no one will force you to do anything you aren’t ready for. But you may find that the trauma-based tools will make the work easier than anything else you’ve tried. When we try to heal our pain using only talk therapy and our mind, we can get lost in the feelings. But when we use tools that calm down the emotions, the healing is less brutal.

I’m not saying there’s a magic potion here, because there’s no getting around the fact that being abused is incredibly painful and it does take work to heal. But life doesn’t have to overwhelm you!

Give it a try and see! Arise has many resources and you'll probably find at least one that will be helpful for you. There are many different tools available. Some work for some women, and others work for others. I teach a such a variety of tools so you’ll be able to find the ones that work for you.

Open for new sisters through Tuesday, Feb. 7, at Midnight, Pacific USA

Here's what our Arise sisters want you to know:

Arise is one of the best groups for hurting women. It’s a wonderful and affordable program for women struggling with Betrayal Trauma.
Helena is a gifted, compassionate and knowledgeable coach who can assist you with moving to the next level. The tools really help me get my peace and focus back during times of being triggered.
Helena has compassion, a calming presence, and genuine caring for the women she serves. The tools and support this program provides is well worth the investment in time and money.
Theresa B, GA

I have found the teachings in Arise more helpful than my counselling sessions. The teachings have been instrumental in my healing journey. I was never physically abused so I never considered trauma
to be something I was experiencing.  
I would encourage anyone to join. Helena understands trauma and having support from not only her but also the support from the community who understands is so vital to healing.
You won’t regret joining this amazing group of heroes.
Janna S, Ontario, Canada

I've gone to so many counselors, read countless books, videos, church classes, anything I could do to change me. But nothing worked!!
Then I began the journey to Arise. Arise has brought more change than anything else in all the years of my life.
The tools!! The tools have helped in ways I feel is a true miracle… to live free from abuse of others and the abuse I always put on myself. Thank you for creating Arise.
I just couldn't have made to this point without it.
Ranae, NV, USA

You cannot overcome the trauma inflicted on you without facing it head on. You may successfully bury your PTSD for a while but it won’t leave you and it could hit you at a time you don’t expect.
Deal with this now - it is so freeing to know the truth and learn how to handle its consequences. Arise is an enlightening and healing journey for me and the best money I’ve ever spent on myself!!
V. V., UK

Arise is a place of safety and that's huge for us woman who have been broken and need a path to being mended. No more lies of just “pray more, think positive thoughts,” or the hundred other lies used to
dismiss the need for healing the trauma of abuse.
Arise will help in a way that's unique to you, for you are free to use what works best. You have nothing to lose and only love and prayers from other women who understand....and tools to help us heal.
It truly is a Lifeline for me. Healing and Hope is Here.
R. H.

Arise is the perfect site for women suffering with past or current trauma. I have found the biblical based teachings extremely helpful in assisting me with the reality of God’s love and acceptance. The tools have allowed me to better manage my CPTSD on a daily basis. Helena teaches them in a way where they can be used real time to break the destructive thinking patterns in the brain caused by trauma.
My stress and circular thinking patterns have been greatly reduced by learning to use the tools in real time.
If you are suffering from trauma, just try it for a month–
you won’t be disappointed.
T B., GA

I was trying to understand my situation by reading articles and books, and to heal, but I was alone, walking in an unknown territory.
I needed a guide and a community. I used to have trauma reactions (trembling, literally fleeing, panic) in certain situations,
and it could take me hours to feel better.
With the tools, I have learned to calm my body and my mind when I need to. I also understand the phenomenon so it is much less scary. In Arise I have received love and validation,
and also tools to take care of my damaged heart.
I am finally agreeing with God in His immense love for me.
Try Arise!
You can go at your own pace, take your time. You deserve to heal.
Anon, Canada

I’m a turtle when it comes to tackling the reality and depth of my pain and disappointment. Helena’s been patient and gently encouraging. I have been afraid and she’s just held the ground that waits for my seed to grow and flourish. She’s been brave enough to share her journey and then astute enough to point us all to Jesus - our healer. With grace and compassion, she leads us to truth, self-advocacy, and growth.
Helena’s presence is affirming, inspiring, safe ,and confident - a beautiful conductor. Arise provides a beautiful balance of tools,
teaching and support. Just try.
Kellie, OR

If you want a community of women on the same journey, a soothing calming leader who knows the science and the spiritual side, emotional and physical side of what you are going through
and how to heal, join.
You'll receive lots of support to help you heal your brain and body.
There is nothing wrong with you. You are just wounded, and
Helena knows so much about teaching you how to heal!
I would pick this group over individual or group therapy...I've done both of those too, and loved it, but this group is my favourite thing that I've done in my healing journey. It feels like cool water on a burn. I feel more like me than I have in years.
C.B., Canada

I decided to join Arise as I needed help and it seemed a worthy shot. As I did the teachings, I felt like Helena was speaking directly to me. I had no idea that covert emotional abuse was an explanation for the way I was feeling. Helena's teachings helped me understand my situation and offered me a way to heal from the pain my
x-husband's behaviour caused me over many years.
 Although I still have bad days, I don't feel as confused anymore and I feel like I am progressing on my healing journey.
Katie, Canada

Before Arise I was really struggling with what was wrong. The coaching has affirmed that drama (unpredictableness) causes trauma. I’m starting to see the limits of the helpfulness of the other group for abused women I’ve been part of.
S.D.L B., PA

I have not left my abusive situation, yet, but have found Arise to be there to help me keep my sanity. Helena has so much wisdom and the materials each week give me strength to change the way I treat myself. Anyone needing clarity and encouragement should consider becoming a part of this group. You won’t regret it.
C.H., Wisconsin

Through Arise I have access to information that helps me understand myself and my responses better. I also am gaining tools I can use that really help me in my daily life. The tools are easy and somewhat quick to use. These tools center me and bring me back to knowing who I am and Whose I am. By the end, it often turns into a prayer of gratitude and a reminder of who I am in Jesus, and that He is always with me. All of this is brought to me by a Christian woman who has lived it.
If you can squeeze out the money, try it and see for yourself.
I found value from the very first teachings.
M. P.

I 'd had counseling for 3 years before I joined Arise and set free in so many ways. Yet I still felt blocked from actually living free.
Arise is a Godsend.
The aspect of the body and brain is the missing link. I thought it was all in my mind and that I was being stubborn. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't move on with the next steps my counselor had suggested. So I quit seeing her and was at a standstill. Until Arise.
Janet, CO

I was hesitant to join due to the fact my current income is very limited, however I’ve been in such emotional and mental pain from leaving my marriage, my home, my daughter and her family. I needed help recognizing it is time to take care of myself and find peace and healing. Arise and the teachings help when I feel so alone.
 Helena is calm, caring and compassionate. There are worksheets and journaling exercises which help me focus on learning and healing rather than the grief of loss I face every day. It is Helena's unwavering belief and deep compassion there is a way to move past this pain and that every human being deserves to be free to make choices that lead to peace and healing. Healing is possible and we cannot control other human beings in our life.
I deserve to love myself and I am a beloved child of God.
D. A., Canada

In Arise I have a community who really understands, and teachings, tools and coaching to heal and grow. I had very strong PTSD symptoms: panic, anger, fears, and shame. The symptoms are gradually decreasing and most of all, I no longer feel ashamed about it. Sometimes
 I would cry for hours in the night, in a panic state, 
unable to regulate myself until I had to take medication. 
With the tools, I can calm that state of panic and come back to a normal state. After more than a year in the group, I have learned about the nervous system, trauma, and emotional regulation, my anger is gone, I feel in control of my life, and I feel at peace. I am so thankful to God that He brought me in this safe place to care for me.
Anon, Canada

Before I joined Arise, my eyes had been opened to the abuse, I had taken the step of separation, and had been pursuing my healing through a number of avenues. However, I was still struggling quite a bit with my emotions - I was often either overwhelmed with despair, rage, helplessness or I was completely shut down and numb.
Through Arise, I’ve learned so many tools to help me process my emotions. The tools have helped me immensely in my day to day life as I process past hurts and face anxieties about the future. I’ve been learning how to reconnect to myself and love myself.
Arise is such a unique combination of support, community, and teaching about abuse, trauma, and healing. The way Helena teaches, you gain so much more than head knowledge. Helena really guides you into a journey of healing that involves all of you - body, mind and spirit. I have gained so much more from Arise than I even hoped to when I joined and I look forward to continuing on the healing path with the support of this beautiful, courageous group of women.
Kimberly, Alberta, Canada

Learning tools for emotional regulation has been so so healing and given me a sense of power and hope because they work! And learning about how my brain had been injured was so validating.
I never felt like this anxious mess I was for years was really me. It felt like something was wrong with me. And there was, but it was not my fault and I found out my brain and soul could heal!
Helena is wise and kind and such a fabulous resource!
I’ve been going through the agony of watching my 11 year old son struggle with going to his Dad’s, but also the joy of deepening our relationship as I heal. I’ve been sharing emotional regulation with him and helping him see that some of the things he believes
about himself are not true.
I could not have gotten stable enough to do my job without the tools.
They bring calm and help change deep beliefs I joined for the year and have never regretted it!
Thanks Helena! I love you all, Arise sisters! We are going to heal and no one can stop us!
Christine, Canada

The Arise courses guided by Helena are gently teaching me important truths about what happened to me in my dysfunctional marriage and helping me to gain clarity so that I can process it and begin my recovery. As I face and process the painful parts, I’m also able to learn about the restorative aspects of recovery. And all along the way there are tools to connect my heart, brain, and body
to deeply embrace the healing.
Working with Helena is personal. The segments are simple but profound and offer more information than all of the books I’ve read over the past decades. I can skip around and go where I need to go when necessary in the training.
There are tools here that I had not heard of in any other place.
There is so much here that I can apply to my unique situation.
You are worth it. You matter enough to try this resource. If it’s not your thing, you can stop and try something else. But chances are excellent that some part of this will touch and heal you deeply.
Kelly M., CA

 A friend of mine introduced me to Arise. She saw in me what I was afraid to admit! Arise has helped me understand covert abuse and
shed my denial and give me strength to make healthy decisions.
Arise teachings helped to educate me and realize I was not going crazy and what was happening is not my fault.
Arise is a network of compassion, education,
fellowship and trust.

I wondered whether Arise would be relevant to me as I am still married. Be brave and join! You will be amazed at the wonderful women in this group who are willing to be vulnerable and share their experiences and you will learn so much from listening to them.
You will find not only love, warmth and acceptance but also DIGNITY.
You are totally accepted for who you are,
no matter what your experience.
I have been in denial about whether I am traumatized because I rarely display physical symptoms that other women have described. I have come to realize that we all find coping strategies and
often push our feelings down, but of course,
our experiences of abuse still have a deep effect.
As I have moved on in my journey, I now understand better that I have become disconnected with myself in different areas. I have realized how much condemnation, shame and fear I have been carrying. Learning to acknowledge a negative thought or emotion is so important, but the tools enable me to quiet and calm myself.
Belonging to Arise has helped me hear the truth of Jesus' message over and over again, so that those of us who are
slow learners still get to grow and be transformed!!!!
I am not the girl I used to be, but new and healed and
 more wonderful because Jesus has made it possible.
In Arise, we belong to a loving and faithful community where we can enjoy being together and love one another. There is a constant encouragement to be self compassionate and to take things at your own pace!
Debs W., UK

I struggled with panic attacks and confusion. I have learned how to focus and calm myself down when I'm triggered. It's helped me with false guilt and beating myself up. When I get fearful and triggered I don't try to fight it now but reassure myself and acknowledge my emotions and work through them with the tools. I can journal and pray and focus on what is true and release the lies more quickly now. I recommend it to all women with betrayal trauma and covert abuse. It's awesome!

I am so very thankful for the teachings and tools - they have been a life saver and life-giver for me during this difficult journey. God bless!!! Don't hesitate! Join today and you won't regret it! It is a loving and gentle holistic program (physical, emotional and spiritual). You can work the lessons at your own pace. It has been a life-saving and life-giving ministry of which I'll be eternally grateful.

I was following several women who teach about abuse and there were several other options available at the time I was considering joining. All were good resources, but I found they were more intense in time and demand than my schedule would allow. This was an added stress to me. I chose Helena because of her gentle tone and set your own pace approach. I found her gentle delivery calming, soothing, healing and freeing from the confusion and second guessing that were
my constant companions. When I first joined.
I came to realize I was living in a state of constant stress, continually being triggered and always on guard. I came to understand how to use the tools to lower stress, to improve sleep, and to improve my health. Before Arise, I heard lectures but did not learn how to release stress, and be empowered to believe in myself and with God's help move forward in healing. It is powerfully helpful to learn the physiological impact of abuse on both the body and the know one is not crazy..and to be given the tools to be released from the spider web of lies we live in.
This program does not add to the stress one is already living in. Rather I find the pace to be slow and steady, each step builds one’s internal strength and clarity without adding guilt or shame,
but rather shifts those heavy weights off our shoulders and
places them where they truly belong.
I am thankful for the safe community that shares honestly theirs fears, sorrows, and struggles along the path to healing and freedom.
Helena's approach is very loving and gentle. Her own experiences and vulnerability helped me to see aspects of spiritual abuse that kept me believing lies and prevented me from following the path God had open to me - to freedom and healing.
Lois M., NY

Arise has exceeded my expectations, I have become aware of my patterns of behaviour and their origins. The tools give me the space to stop and step back from a trigger. To keep my dignity and be calm in my responses. This has given me more power in the relationship and stopped him being able to use my reactions against me, because I am calmer and more measured. My brain felt overwhelmed before, I was unable to think when he came at me all angry and accusing. The tools are is so simple, so calming, so effective, and so immediate to use when your brain starts to go into panic mode.

Just do it. Do not try and navigate the horror of abuse unaware and unsupported. You need to understand in order to get yourself free, to be the woman God meant you to be, to live free, to uncover the real you who does not cower in corners afraid to be their real authentic selves.

Are you ready to rise up into inner freedom?

This is absolutely the best investment you can make in yourself!
Years of professional counseling have not given me the  information and tools Helena gives us to work through our trauma the way this group does; plus, there is a beautiful community of women going through the same struggles to encourage one another.
All for a fraction of the price of a monthly therapy session.
Margaret W., N.C., USA